How to pack efficiently and save transportation costs

Discover savings hidden in your supply chain. The better and more efficiently you pack your products by optimizing space and reducing air in each package, the more packages you can stack into a container. This saves you transportation costs.

Move the slider below and see what a 15–40% cubic reduction means in terms of yearly saved costs.

Global footwear producer saved


“A new design and standardized materials resulted in better utilization of container space, decreasing the number of shipped containers by 12%.

Reduction in freight costs alone yielded savings of an impressive $1.2 million, just in the first year."
Global footwear producer

It's not rocket science. It means taking a holistic view of your packaging, logistics and transport. The challenge is to rethink your packaging and make sure it is coordinated and uniform all along the supply chain.

This is what Managed Packaging by BillerudKorsnäs is all about. We help our customers save an average 15% on their transportation costs by optimizing their packaging, increasing the number of packages per container and reducing the overall number of containers transported across the ocean.

Find out how much Managed Packaging can save you.


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