Compact living? Try compact packaging

International shipping is expensive and puts a huge strain on the environment. However, the billions of tons of goods that are transported around the world are vital to the global economy. And to your bottom line. The question is: If you have outsourced your manufacturing to Asia – how do you avoid paying for the transport of a lot of empty space?

Money for nothing

Why use your supply chain to transport empty space? Why pay for air that is free? Every day, due to under-optimized, badly utilized packaging, the fully packed cargo bays of planes and boats are up to a third empty or filled with packaging material that weighs too much. A true waste of space.

Making profit out of thin air

There are actually millions to save on smarter packaging. If you design the packaging so it contains less empty space – compact packaging – you can fit more products into each shipment, resulting in fewer transports.

It’s a smart way to make your supply chain more efficient and lower your environmental impact at the same time. In this manner, you can save up to 15% on ocean freight. And by using materials that weigh less for packaging you can save up to 30% on airfreight.

When we – through our Managed Packaging solution – helped a global footwear producer redesign its packaging to utilize container space better and standardize the packaging materials used, it saved 1 million dollars in reduced transport costs the first year.

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